خیابان بهشتی، خیابان میرعماد، کوچه دوازدهم
پلاک ۹ ، واحد ۴


Benia Satrap Padideh Company was established in Satrap railway industry Group with its trading activities and its supporting group in 2010.
And now, Benia Satrap Co. as an independent legal company, has created acceptable activities in the field of supplying components & set of under frame systems such as (Brake, Bogie, Hook & Buffer, wheel-set and their components) and HVAC system.
Also has done repair & maintenance of the mentioned systems in freight wagons, passenger wagons, DMUs, Rail Buses and locomotives.
With attention to some parts of company activities which is in the field of repair and maintenance in Railway industry, Benia Satrap Co, has made progress in its planning unit for repair & maintenance systems.
The company performance based on scientific principles with attention to a few years experiences in implementation of repair & maintenance system has made acceptable development in this field. This company has signed some contracts in set of construction and Road building machinery.