This information shows the sorts of families along with other teams surviving in households in England and Wales, by ethnicity.

Households are grouped relating to if they have reliant kids. Dependent kids are under 15 years old, or 16 to 18 years old plus in full-time training.

A family group is each one person or a small grouping of people sharing cooking facilities and a full time income space or area that is dining.

Census information covers individuals in around 25 million households that are private.

Percentages are curved to 1 place that is decimal.

Read more concerning the 2011 Census.

perhaps Not within the information

The info will not add households that would not respond to the Census question about ethnicity.

94% of households finished the Census. Of these, 97% responded the relevant concern about ethnicity.

The info happens to be modified take into consideration individuals and households have been maybe perhaps not counted or counted wrongly.

The groups that are ethnic within the information

This information makes use of the list that is standardised of cultural teams which were developed when it comes to 2011 Census.

In certain places to be sure quotes are dependable, information is shown for the after 5 aggregated cultural groups:

  • Asian
  • Ebony
  • Mixed
  • White
  • Other

Each households cultural team is the ethnicity regarding the home guide individual. Normally, this is the essential economically active person, for instance somebody in full-time work. If 2 renters have a similar work status, your family guide individual could be the person that is oldest.


The data does not reflect the actual ethnic composition of households with people from different ethnic backgrounds because each households ethnic group is based on the household reference person. But, because around 9percent of relationships include folks from various groups that are ethnic the analysis shown the following is dependable.

3. Home kinds by ethnicity

Overview of Families and households home kinds by ethnicity Overview

This information indicates that:

  • during the time of the 2011 Census, the White cultural team constructed 97.7percent of households by having a pensioner couple – in contrast, exactly the same cultural team comprised scruff sign in 86.0percent associated with the basic populace of England and Wales
  • Asian households composed 21.2% of other households (as an example, individuals with a multi-generational household) with reliant young ones, 20.6% of all-student households, and 10.8percent of the with a married few with reliant kids – in contrast, the Asian ethnic group comprised 7.5percent of this population that is general
  • the Ebony cultural team comprised 8.3percent of single moms and dad households with reliant kids, and 8.1% of other households (for instance, multi-generational households) with reliant young ones (in contrast to 3.3per cent regarding the population that is general

4. Cultural teams by home kind

Overview of Families and households Households with reliant kids by ethnicity Overview

This information reveals that:

  • The same ethnic group made up 86.0% of the general population of England and Wales at the time of the 2011 Census, White households made up 83.5% of those with dependent children – by comparison
  • Asian households constructed 8.9% of the with reliant young ones, and 7.5percent regarding the basic populace
  • Black households made 4.8% of these with reliant kiddies, and 3.3percent associated with population that is general
  • households headed by some body through the Mixed along with other cultural teams composed 1.6% and 1.2% correspondingly of the with reliant kids (and 2.2% and 1.0percent of this basic populace correspondingly)

Overview of Families and households Asian group that is ethnic household type Summary

This data demonstrates that:

  • during the time of the 2011 Census, general, just over 1 / 2 of Asian households (52.6%) had been composed of partners who had been hitched, civil lovers or cohabiting (with or without reliant kids), 17.0% were consists of someone, 10.5% were other households (for instance, multi-generation families) with reliant young ones, and 8.8% had been solitary moms and dads (with or without reliant kids)
  • among one-person households, 10.4percent had been headed by some body through the Bangladeshi cultural team (the cheapest portion among Asian households), weighed against 28.4per cent headed by someone through the Chinese ethnic team (the greatest portion)
  • over 50 % of households headed by somebody from the Bangladeshi and Indian ethnic teams were hitched households (either with or without reliant young ones), at 50.8per cent and 50.6% correspondingly; those headed by someone through the Chinese ethnic team were least likely out of most Asian teams to be hitched households, at 33.4per cent
  • households headed by some body through the Bangladeshi and Pakistani ethnic teams had been probably become solitary moms and dad households (either with or without reliant children) away from all Asian teams, at 11.6per cent and 11.4% respectively